We support start-ups, companies, and governments to assess their impact on the environment and society in a quantifiable and practical way. We help them identify and develop strategies and policies to accelerate their transformation, design and develop in-house innovation capabilities or provide them innovation support through programs and accelerators. Our experts can also provide assistance in obtaining funding best suitable for the client's transformation objectives.

Our sustainability services cover:

Sustainability in Organizations
Quantifying Impact
Innovation Support
Research and Policy

Our sustainability services cover:

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The approach to the project largely depends on your stage of development, company size and objectives.

  • The road to Sustainability in Organisations starts with data-driven diagnostics which is the foundation for developing your sustainability strategy and roadmap. To help you implement it in practice, we support you by developing business models, assessing the sustainability of investments, reviewing supply chain operations, and bringing circular economy principles to your product and service design.
  • With Quantifying Impact we conduct an organization level analysis to measure your environmental or social effects, which includes mapping the processes, gathering data, building and refining a model for analysis. We interpret the findings and develop recommendations for addressing the identified pain points, following international standards applicable to the field, e.g., ISO 14044 and ISO 14040, PAS 2050, for EPDs EN 15804+A2.
  • Within Innovation Support we design and coordinate the implementation of in-house innovation services to create lasting, sustainable practices in current processes and products. For SMEs and startups, we offer innovation support through sustainability accelerators and programs, ourselves on behalf of our clients or in cooperation with our partners (e.g., Challenger Accelerator). If you’re looking for funding, we will help you to choose the optimal financing option and prepare grant applications for you.
  • Research and Policy are firstly focused on policy recommendations, the key means on which decisions should be based, and are formulated using the “SMART” method. They tend to be an improvement, adaptation, or mitigation oriented, depending on the issue addressed. The second focus is on sustainability strategies for public bodies, which are developed as roadmaps towards achieving the policy objectives, and include specific strategic goals, objectives, and measures, helping our clients to move from abstract vision to actionable projects well prepared for measuring success.


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